EVENT MARKETING - Design and implementation of Brand tours and very original events wich can offer to potential customers unique and unrepeatable experiences that provide a strong brand recall.

According to recent statistics, event marketing is the best way to invest advertising budget with a Roi (Return of investiment) of 23%, followed by the Web Marketing (18%), Developments in gender (16%), Public relations (14%), Direct mail (10%) and only finally newspapers and magazines (9%) and television (5%).


STREET MARKETING - Use of the road to promote a brand in an alternative way, capillary. The most common instruments are flyers and stickering.


GUERRILLA MARKETING - Development of communication strategies by means of sensational pseudo-events of the edge of legality to attract the attention of consumers and the mass media.


VIRAL MARKETING - Actions and activities that encourage consumers to communicate a positive message to ogher consumers in a 'viral' and contagious way.


BUZZ MARKETING - Creation and simulation of a good word of mouth avout a Brand in Web environment.


TRIBAL MARKETING - Creation and maintenance of tribes and communities focus on a product to secure attachment and loyalty to the brand.


AMBIENT MARKETING - Exploitation of the environment, real or virtual, to convey the message. Communicate the product to potential customers in target where they use to gather spontaneously.


GEOMARKETING - Micro-marketing analysis of consumer, location and appropriate advertisement in the area where there is a desire to start a business or a new point of sale.