K99 is a materialisation of a primordial structure dated 1992. It carried in business in Italy at regional level and was engaged in organizing events in nightclub, discotheques, disco pubs and restaurants. The late 90s marked a crucial period for the agency that performs an decisive qualitative leap. In 1999 officially sees the light K99 Party Producer. The creation of this new reality is born from the need to provide new services to companies. Over the organization of events in Italy 'by night' then opens the Day segment, where to start promotions targeted companies no longer drawn exclusively from the field of entertainment. During these years the K99 enters the national media that give the company space wiithin their programming. The new millenium sees the K99 expand its borders, managing to open fronts in the most trendy locations of the peninsula and the Mediterranean Basin. In recent years, the company initiates important relationships with stakeholders at national level, organizing their own brand and real tours. In 2006, the K99 further broadens the services offered through the founding of a new company, K99 Business, which was created with the intent to provide clients with marketing activities and comunication to high level of creativity.